The Importance of Chair Floor Protectors


There are many people today searching online for chair floor protectors. When you think of these items, you might be thinking of felt pads that you place underneath the legs of each of your chairs to prevent them from scratching the surface of your nice, expensive floors. However, there are many different types of floor protectors and it is important to know the differences between the main types if order for you to know which is best for your house and you r budget.


The plastic cap is the first type. They will cover the entire bottom of each chair legs so it really works well. They also come in various colors so that can match your furniture. It is very important that you buy caps that will really match the chair that they are covering because having a cap unmatched to your chair will be something of an eye sore, which you do not want to see in your house. There also many different sizes to these plastic caps. This is the cheapest form of protection your floor against damage from the furniture in your house. However, these are not perfect since plastic is also a hard substance. If you have a soft type of wood on your floor, they can still end up being scratched on the surface. These caps work best on vinyl or tile floors. You may visit to learn more.


Another type of floor protection is the rubber feet. This is much better than the plastic caps because rubber is much softer than plastic and therefore will prevent any scratches from forming at all. This floor protector is more expensive that plastic caps but will be much better in the long run because your hardwood floors will not get scratched on the surface. They work best on bar stools or dining room chairs which get moved around a lot and are susceptible to scratching the surface of your floors, click here for more details!


Finally, there are felt pads for the bottom of your furniture. These types of floor protectors are the softest, and will fully cover the bottom of the foot without being noticeable to anyone who enters your home. These are the most costly of all the floor protectors but they are well worth it and even allow you to slide your furniture across the floor without the worry of scratching anything. These felt pads work well on any type of furniture be is a sofa, table, chair, and others. They will ease the stress and worry of scratching your floor’s surface, click here to find out more!