Best Furniture Pads 2017: Tips and Techniques in Installing Protector Pads


When the stools or chairs are new, it is the perfect time for felt floor protector pads installation. For a parallel and flat condition, chairs or stools are assembled and legs are sanded or cut. It is simple to attach pre-assembled felt pad kits if the bottoms of chair legs are sealed. One coat of shellac can be applied if the chair’s leg bottoms are not sealed. Take necessary precaution when doing heavy duty felt nail-on pads installation, on small legs or dense hardwood to prevent wood splitting. Just drill a hole in the chair’s leg undersized to the nail but not that large to prevent loose fit.


For chair leg floor protectors, they should be installed with a rubber head mallet, or if you want to sue regular hammer, then place a flat board on the floor protector to prevent checking or denting to the component head of the nail on. Without overhanging, attach a large floor protector as much as possible, and install a square floor protector if the surface is square instead of round to give you a larger pad for weight distribution to the floor. Inspect your stools and chairs every day if possible because felt pad may come off if it catches drinks spilled on the floor or sticky food particles on the floor. It is important to replace the pads immediately to reduce possible damage to the hook component. You need to first remove the old adhesive when you are preparing a used stool or chair for the first installation using a hair dryer or heat gun to soften the adhesive that can be rolled off using your thumb. To remove wax, oil or grease you can use denatured alcohol. Protect your furniture and appliance from attrition, scratches, and damages using felt pads, furniture floor protectors, adhesive pads, furniture slider or heavy duty nail-on pads.


To protect your floor, put felt pads on the furniture’s bottom legs, clip your dog’s nails, place doormats in all entries, tell people to take off their shoes when entering, and ban soccer cleats and high heels to prevent denting to the floors. You can also consider using chair leg floor protectors under the legs of feet of your chairs, tables, and heavy furniture. Hardwood flooring makes a beautiful home and a comfortable place to live in by following these tips and techniques and to ensure they will last longer. For more information about furniture pads and floor protectors, feel free to check more details here.


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The Importance of Chair Floor Protectors


There are many people today searching online for chair floor protectors. When you think of these items, you might be thinking of felt pads that you place underneath the legs of each of your chairs to prevent them from scratching the surface of your nice, expensive floors. However, there are many different types of floor protectors and it is important to know the differences between the main types if order for you to know which is best for your house and you r budget.


The plastic cap is the first type. They will cover the entire bottom of each chair legs so it really works well. They also come in various colors so that can match your furniture. It is very important that you buy caps that will really match the chair that they are covering because having a cap unmatched to your chair will be something of an eye sore, which you do not want to see in your house. There also many different sizes to these plastic caps. This is the cheapest form of protection your floor against damage from the furniture in your house. However, these are not perfect since plastic is also a hard substance. If you have a soft type of wood on your floor, they can still end up being scratched on the surface. These caps work best on vinyl or tile floors. You may visit to learn more.


Another type of floor protection is the rubber feet. This is much better than the plastic caps because rubber is much softer than plastic and therefore will prevent any scratches from forming at all. This floor protector is more expensive that plastic caps but will be much better in the long run because your hardwood floors will not get scratched on the surface. They work best on bar stools or dining room chairs which get moved around a lot and are susceptible to scratching the surface of your floors, click here for more details!


Finally, there are felt pads for the bottom of your furniture. These types of floor protectors are the softest, and will fully cover the bottom of the foot without being noticeable to anyone who enters your home. These are the most costly of all the floor protectors but they are well worth it and even allow you to slide your furniture across the floor without the worry of scratching anything. These felt pads work well on any type of furniture be is a sofa, table, chair, and others. They will ease the stress and worry of scratching your floor’s surface, click here to find out more!

Best Floor Protectors


Floor protectors can be described as those mechanisms put into place to safeguard the floor from hazards. All floors are delicate and need routine care and maintenance just like the machines for it to look beautiful and give a long life. There must be an ongoing attention from the user to maintain and achieve the desired floor appearance for many years.


There is need to carefully select and choose the best furniture pads variety for your floor to avoid permanently scratching your floor hence destroying it a situation that can be worse enough to be reversed. Remember floors need optimal performance hence also great care should be put into place.


To protect your floor, you need to first remove the dirt and debris from the surface and make it a routine. Also, water or liquids are to be wiped as soon as they spill

on the floor to protect the floor surface whether a hard or soft floor. This could be done through vacuuming or even using very high moisture or also hand cleaning using a duster.


There is instruction to various floor protectors that are placed into types namely hard-surface floor protectors and soft-surface floor protectors. The best floor protectors are the plastic or the metal while the soft-surface floor protectors are the use of carpet.


Hard-surface floor protectors that are plastic and metal. They are durable hence giving the consumer the benefit of saving money since it does not lead to shopping now and then. There is also a very high benefit of using the soft-surface floor protectors, that is carpet and a satisfactory feeling because it will smoothly slide and glide the floor, therefore, preventing permanent or severe damage to the floor. This will save the money of repairing the floor always as well as keep the floors in a good condition. Some floors are hard and if damaged the effect has to be lifelong because it is not reversible which would give a bad feeling towards the consumer.


Very high moisture is associated with cleaning the hard-floor because it protects the floor from the sticky dirt by absorbing it. For soft-surface protectors, one need to use the soft brush to clean the dirt or the debris since it does not course the floor hence giving your floor many months of protection.

It is also advisable to move the furniture around the floor carefully since it protects both hard and soft floor from scratches. Grab some more facts here: